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The Christopher Greater Area Rural Health Planning Corporation currently employs 46 providers (physicians, nurse practitioners, dentists and physician assistants). We are always planning expansion and do have job opportunities for physicians and other providers. We feel that in doing front line medicine that we can attract all of those individuals who wish the challenge of patient interaction, providing true family service in medicine, and just plain being a shining star in our communities. As the saying goes, “ medicine isn’t easy today”, so it is with Community Health Centers and their providers; our hours are sometimes long, the people we serve have multiple problems beyond their health care needs, and we certainly realize how difficult it is today to get things done. However, we seek to attract those people who want to shine in primary care. We feel our salaries are very competitive; in our alliance with the federal government we are able to help with loan repayment, we can help with the burden of liability insurance expenses. We offer health and dental insurance, disability, a liberal vacation package and also liberal CME package for those interested. Because of our prime location in Southern Illinois, we are very close to metropolitan areas of St. Louis, Evansville and others. Thus, we are near airports to allow travel with ease to distant parts of the country and elsewhere. Yet, we are very close to treed hills and valleys, magnificent lakes and recreation areas, and safe highways without major traffic jams.


Providing medical care in the milieu of a Community Health Center is indeed a challenge. However, the rewards are great and ever ongoing.

Are you up to challenge? If so, we have the following provider vacancies listed below in ordered by city.

All sites are eligible for National Health Service Corp loan repayment. 


Albion/Fairfield, IL: Pediatrician

Mount Vernon, IL: Family Practice
DuQuoin, IL: Family Practice
Sesser, IL: Family Practice
Flora, IL: Family Practice
Christopher, IL : Family Practice, Dentistry


Please mail or fax your CV to:

PO BOX 155
Christopher, IL 62822
Fax: (618)724-2571

Sally Cesar, Vice-President

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