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Healow/Patient Portal: CGARHPC is committed to delivering quality care to our patients. We believe patient involvement in their healthcare is very important. Logging into your patient portal to verify your health record is accurate and up to date is one way to ensure you are receiving proper healthcare. Click HERE to login now. If you need assistance in registering for your patient portal please call our office.

After Hours Coverage:  CGARHPC utilizes an after hours answering service to contact your provider when the clinic is not open for urgent or emergent situations that cannot wait until the next business day. Call your clinic after hours and follow the prompts to reach our after-hours service.

Translation Services:  CGARHPC provides interpretation services at no charge for all patients.  Please see the receptionist regarding a  request for interpretation services. 
Transportation Services: CGARHPC provides transportation services available to those who qualify. To learn more about this service, contact our office to speak with a Patient Care Coordinator.

Sliding Fee Program: CGARHPC provides discount services to all patients who qualify based on household size and income. If you would like to learn more about our sliding fee program please contact our office to speak with a Community Resource Coordinator.

DOT Physicals: Click HERE to locate a clinic site that has authorized physicians to perform DOT Physical exams

Social Security Services:  Social Security Express

Affordable Care Act: If you need assistance with choosing an ACA plan, call our office to speak with a patient care coordinator. Click HERE to learn more about the Affordable Care Act 

Good Faith Estimate Notice: If you do not have insurance or don't intend to use insurance to pay for scheduled non-emergency healthcare services, federal law requires that health care providers and facilities provide you with an estimate of the expected charges for medical services at least 1 day before the scheduled services are to be performed. Any patient may request an estimate of the expected charges for non-emergency health care services. Providers are required to provide estimates within 5 business days of the request. To receive a good faith estimate, please call the Billing Department at 618-724-4720.


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