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CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19) Information

CRHPC Clinic sites in Albion, Carmi, Christopher, Du Quoin, Eldorado, Fairfield, Flora, Johnston City, Mt. Vernon, Sesser, and Shawneetown have been designated as State of Illinois testing sites and will begin performing community testing on 04/20/2020.  Anyone with COVID-19 questions should call CRHPC’s hotline at 1-800-408-7351. All patients who meet the criteria for testing will be scheduled through the hotline.

Screening Criteria consists of any of the following:



*Shortness of breath, new or worsening within last 7 days

*Recent onset of body aches, sore throat, headaches, diarrhea, or nausea

*Lives/Works in a county with confirmed COVID-19 cases

*Close contact with a suspected or laboratory confirmed case within 14 days of symptom onset

*65 and over with chronic health conditions

*Mandated by employer

Testing Procedure

Screening criteria questions will be asked by a triage nurse via telephone. If  it is determined testing is to be performed, you will be given an appointment for testing. Patients with COVID-19 symptoms will be given instructions on where to present to be tested outside of the clinic sites or at Fairfield in the negative pressure environment room. Each individual presenting for COVID-19 testing will be assessed by a CRHPC Clinic provider.


Billing Information

The assessment performed by one of our providers will be billed to your Insurance, Medicare or Medicaid. The cost for assessment & testing will be $131.00. No co-payment or deductibles will be billed to you. If you are uninsured there will be no out of pocket cost. 

Keeping our staff and patients safe

Christopher Rural Health Planning Corporation is committed to serving our patients for all of their primary health care needs during this time. If you have a mask, please wear it to your appointment. If you do not have a mask we will be happy to provide you with one if available. We have created a safe environment for all of our patients to be seen without exposure to patients with COVID-19 symptoms. Additionally, if approved by your provider we have Telehealth services available.

Click the link below to get more information from the CDC


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